Chapter Five

Dusk was sitting at one end of an oval fake wood coffee table. Around it was the 'idea crew' of her show. Somebody had - a few months ago - had a brass plate made for the door, stating 'The Think Tank'. Under it, Dusk had duct taped 'Slash Melrose Place'.

"Okay. I know you're all dying to tell me, and for once, I'm dying to hear it," she said, using a flat wooden stick to stir the coffee in the paper cup in front of her. "How are we going about the Hanson thing? When is it, anyway?"

"Two weeks from now," said Ric, one of the bookers. *author's note* I'm afraid I have no idea what they're actually called. Anyone? "Well, we've set it up so that you'll be shooting stuff with them for two weeks. We thought we'd do a proper, full-on feature, and you can do some trivia outdoor stuff to use in other shows."

"Outdoors? What are you yakking about? Am I supposed to take them swimming or something?"

"Didn't anyone explain this? We're all going to Tulsa."

"Huh? I, uh, huh?"

"They, Hanson, had a couple of weeks free - what are the odds? - so we decided to move the mountain to Mohammed. Figuratively," he added, at Dusk's faked evil glare.

"So we'll basically be doing some 'About Tulsa'? A bit of Sesame Street on the side?"

"No, we thought we'd just do some outdoors stuff in general. Sort of like when Letterman has jugglers or dragracing out on the streets of New York."

"Sounds neatodiddleo. What about school?"

"We've already talked to them. They're totally understanding and enthusiastic. They're sort of getting used to the concept of Dusk Halley."

"Cool. Can't wait. So, anything else on the agenda I should know about?"

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