Like, a tribute to Hanson or something...

Sometime around May, my Hanson phase faded from the general liking I'd had, to a mild interest. And I just couldn't muster the energy to keep working on this page. I'd started other pages, not to mention I had less time to myself.

Then, to top it all off, the complete folder of all the Hanson-related stuff on my computer disappeared without a trace. Including two chapters of the story. That pretty much discouraged me.

And then, right about now, I have a week off from school, got so tired of seeing the same old boring page, and figured I might as well please all the mailers and guestbook signers that have asked for updates...

But the story might take a while. I have to try and remember where I was going, since I didn't even have any hand-written drafts.

Try and hang on, ok?

PS. I've deleted the stuff I just don't think is interesting, for now.