A few notes on All It Takes

Okay... Here goes.

Firstly, and most importantly, I thought of the idea for this story all on my own. No ideas or events have been consciously stolen. Some people (besides the Hanson clan, duh) may be loosely based on actual people (scroll down for details...).

I know seven (albeit pretty short) chapters went by without a single Hanson being involved. There are reasons for this. First of all, I wanted a reasonable introduction to both the story and the main character. And I'm also not very fond of the kind of stories where a girl spills mustard on Taylor at McDonald's by the third sentence.

I think I use the word 'slightly' just slightly too much. This problem will probably continue
until I can think of a sufficient synonym.

The 'Misery situation' in Ch 11 is true... It was my dad I woke up though... and I was nine, I think.

Okay, maybe songs play a large part in this story. That's probably because they have, and do, in mine. They're also a really good way to get the feeling across. I'm a little annoyed that someone's already put Blues Traveler's Yours in theirs... (j/k) Fortunately, it's a really good story, so I'm not bitter.

The songs Only When I Sleep and When He's Not Around are from The Corrs' album 'Talk On Corners'.

The song It's All Too Much is from The Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine'.

Yes, Mr Wood does exist. He's a she, and her name isn't Wood.
The senility, tardyness and sickening shade of hair are all there though...

The phrase "God gave men brains larger than dogs..." is old, but when followed by "Ruth Libby", it's from Hackers. I tend to quote it a lot.

In case you don't know, a 360 is a skate- or snowboard trick.

"A real life Wayne." is a reference to the movie 'Wayne's World'.

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