Thou shalt have a frog in thy bathroom

Zac: Well, I'm like in the mornings when I'm in the morning...

(If you could have a chat with anyone in the world, who would it be?)
Zac: Well, see, I would have my brain split in half and I would talk to myself! No, I'd speak to Jim Bob Baybowlay!

Isaac: It's so unsatisfying when bands aren't... satisfying.

Zac: Just think of us as old people with high voices...

Interviewer: You say "cool" a lot. So what is cool according to the Hanson brothers in June 1997?
Taylor: (very long silence) That's not easy to answer... almost impossible... oh yeah, Aerosmith. They're cool.
Zac: Mmm.
Isaac: Very cool. (Big grin.) I've talked to Steven Tyler on the phone once...

Isaac: ...there are subliminal messages in our songs saying go out and buy our record!!! (makes aargh face)

Taylor: The Beatles, I mean they were the Beatles. We're just ladybug size...
(Some people say Zac said this. I have no idea.)

Isaac: Zac is definitely very crazy...

(This is something an MTV presenter said)
Davina: ...Hanson there. Now, I just have to say, about Zac, don't you just want to like take him and just squeeze him to your heaving bosom... (This sort of cracked me up, I must say...)

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